Wet Rooms: A Trend Worth Considering

January 21st, 2023 villagerestoration

Wet rooms are a trend we are here for! You have probably heard the term but what is a wet room, exactly? Think open living meets luxurious, spa-like bathroom!

Some features of a wet room include:

  • The use of waterproof materials on the walls, floors, and possibly ceiling
  • No transition between the shower area and the rest of the bathroom
  • May or may not have a glass partition separating shower area from the rest of the bathroom
  • A free-standing tub is often placed in the same space as the shower

If you have a tight space but you dream of both a soaking tub and a large shower, this could be the answer for you! Without the traditional bathroom partitions, you have more freedom to place your tub within your shower area. Your space will feel open and bright. And with the use of so much tile, you could really create a stunningly beautiful bathroom!

A wet room is also a great option if you have mobility issues or plan on being in your home long-term. There is no shower curb or need to step to get into the shower. The transition between your bathroom floor and shower floor is seamless.

The ease of cleaning a wet room is worth noting as well. Think about the freedom you would have if you could clean your bathroom, rinse everything off with your handheld showerhead, turn on your fan and walk away!

A wet room will be more expensive than your traditional bathroom because of the amount of tile required, as well as the additional waterproofing required. Something to consider is how you plan to protect things that could get in the path of shower spray (think toilet paper rolls, towels, etc.). A good solution for this is the use of niches to recess these items in your wall, or the strategic use of a glass partition to minimize splashing.

If you are considering upgrading your bathroom to a wet room, it is critical that you have a builder who knows how to address topics like proper ventilation and waterproofing to keep moisture issues away, or gently sloping the bathroom floors towards a drain so no water sits in your space.
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