Coastal Remodel Ideas: Charleston Bathroom Edition

July 22nd, 2023 villagerestoration

Here in Charleston, it’s easy to take a nod from the beauty of our surroundings when remodeling areas of your home.  We see a lot of bright airy rooms as well as the tendency to lean towards greens, blues, and tans mirroring the marsh grass, water, and sand surrounding us.

Let’s talk bathroom remodels.  Here are some ways you can bring the beauty of Charleston to life in your bathroom remodel project.  With each selection made in a bathroom remodel, you have an opportunity to utilize some coastal materials.  No, we don’t mean an overwhelming turquoise theme, or nautical blue and white décor.  Here are some ways you can bring the Charleston coast into your bathroom remodel.


Bright, airy rooms not only illicit feelings of clean and calm, but also give you the opportunity to let your views and material selections shine.  Most people want to feel very calm and serene in their bathroom.  Let’s face it:  this world is crazy and stressful enough.  Let’s at least know we can begin and end our days in a space that brings peace.  Consider colors like bright or warm whites, as well as muted blues and greens.


Grass cloth wallpaper can be a great idea when doing a home project in the Charleston low country!  Grass cloth comes in a variety of colors, adds texture to your walls, depth to your design, and is a great coastal material.  It’s hard to think of a more serene wallpaper than a solid, neutral grass cloth.


Countertops are also a great way to introduce some subtle but classic coastal touches.  For example, you might find a stone slab for your vanity top or shower transitions that has some sparkle to play off the light in the room.  Alternatively, you may want to explore a customized terrazzo glass countertop.  Not only is this an eco-friendly option, but you can customize the colors of the glass you select from local sources.


Wood accents are a great idea to make your bathroom feel warmer and natural.  White oak and driftwood are always great options when looking for a wood option that will offer warmth and dimension.  You can bring wood into your bathroom in the form of wood flooring (or “wood look” tile), a white oak vanity, or an accent in your room like wood floating shelves.


Once your bathroom remodel is complete, and you are ready for finishing touches, consider plants.  Plants literally bring life into your space!  They can fill any dead space, large or small, and they offer a pop of color and texture.

When you decide you are ready to take on your bathroom remodel, consider using these coastal elements to achieve a calming bathroom true to the charm of Charleston!  Give us a call today and we can help you get started bringing these visions to reality.