Coastal Remodel Ideas: Charleston Kitchen Edition

September 8th, 2023 villagerestoration

Renovating and designing a home in Charleston gives us the unique opportunity to use materials that come from our backyard. One place it is easy to be bright and coastal is in the kitchen! The kitchen is the heart of your home, and the backdrop to many happy meals and memories. We cannot think of anything more Charleston than a dose of southern hospitality!

Here are some of the many ways to achieve a bright coastal kitchen.


Take a good look at the light your kitchen offers. If you think outside of the box, you might consider adding some windows in your kitchen, or perhaps increasing the size of the windows you already have in there! An easier, more cost effective way to get more light in your kitchen is by updating your lighting fixtures. Glass pendant lights can provide a great deal of light without obstructing your view of the kitchen, therefore making it feel larger. Adding recessed lights can provide extra light without reducing your sightlines, as can the addition of under-cabinet lighting.


Bringing the coast inside is always a great option to keep your home true to it’s surroundings. Seaglass can be brought into your kitchen in the form of a tile backsplash or as décor. A popular trend right now is to replace bulky upper cabinets with open shelving. Take advantage of driftwood, or locally reclaimed wood to create a place to display décor or kitchen showpieces. It will also allow light to move beautifully throughout your kitchen.


Not only does living in Charleston frequently mean beautiful surroundings, but it also means we have many months every year when we can enjoy being outside. Consider an outdoor eating area off of your kitchen, or a grilling area near the kitchen. A porch or patio will be a great return on investment in our area. Separating the indoors and outdoors with a pass-through window or a Euro-wall is also a great way to bring the outdoors into your home. When done correctly, this outdoor space can feel like an extension of your coastal kitchen.

There are countless ways to make your kitchen renovation pay tribute to the beauty and nature of Charleston! Give us a call today to tailor your Charleston kitchen renovation to your specific needs and tastes!