In-House Certified Interior Design

In-House Certified Interior Design

Throughout the decades that we have been working with homeowners, we have encountered many design questions that can hold up a project. As any contractor and lots of homeowners know, any time halted on a project can throw you off the original timeline, which is not only frustrating - it also costs money. Village Restoration & Custom Homes has the benefit of offering the services of an in-house Certified Interior Designer to create plans and develop solutions for design roadblocks to minimize headaches along the way.

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Creative Fixes For Hiccups That Arise

Our Certified Interior Designer is an expert at finding creative fixes for the many hiccups that can arise during the renovation and home build process. For our clients, that provides the advantage of expediting the process while creating a clear line of communication between the designer and our construction crews to get things done correctly and on time.

Minimizing Stress During the Renovation Process

We believe that adding our in-house design professional helps take away some of the stress and overwhelm of the home renovation and build process. Having someone to guide you through the many design choices that need to be made is very comforting. Our designer can assist with everything from material choices to functional space layouts to ensure that you are truly getting the custom home of your dreams.

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Making Timely, Logical, and Well-Informed Decisions with Professional Guidance

When it comes to historic renovations or home remodeling, you are often limited by many factors that might not present themselves until you are well into the project. Once spotted, those factors can present problems to the planned design and flow of a project. Making quick decisions that are well-informed and logical can only be done with the right guidance. For homeowners who have not renovated or built before, an in-house designer is an excellent source who is often much-needed and appreciated. We believe it is our comprehensive set of services, including design, that makes us a clear choice for projects from historical renovations to custom home building!