Bringing the Outdoors In

October 31st, 2023 villagerestoration

Fall is upon us here in Charleston, which means a most welcome reprieve from the heat and humidity. One of the greatest things about living in Charleston is the gorgeous weather we get to enjoy most of the year! When we think about designing and building here, we think of ways we can take cues from our location. If you are considering a way you can enjoy your views, increase your living space, and take advantage of our beautiful climate, you will likely find that a screened porch, three seasons room, or sunroom is the answer!

Screened Porch

Much like it sounds, a screened porch is either a new addition or an existing porch area that is finished with mesh screening and a roof. The perks of screened porches are they allow you to be “outside” with protection from bugs, rain, and extreme heat or cold. This is a great place for seating or outdoor dining. Outdoor-rated furniture and rugs should be used on a screened-in porch, as it is still susceptible to humidity and blowing rain.

Three Season Room

A three season room is usually not insulated. Large windows are typically featured to let in as much light as possible, and they often have a separate, exterior entrance. Here in Charleston, we experience humid, hot summers and heavy rains during hurricane season. Those factors might make this option less ideal for our area.


A sunroom truly adds heated square footage to your house. This room will be hooked into your HVAC system for year-round climate control, just like the rest of your home. The walls are insulated, and since the room is not transitioning outdoors, you have endless options in terms of finishes and furniture. From a return-on-investment perspective, the sunroom will be the biggest value add to your home in this list. A sunroom also features many windows to be a bright space to add onto the back of your home.

If you are contemplating adding some additional living space to your home that brings the beauty of the outdoors inside, give us a call today to talk about which option is best for you! Sooner than you might think, you could be enjoying your morning coffee overlooking your property, or entertaining friends and family in a bright new space!