Team Bio

Brent Lindley

Brent is the contractor at Village Restoration & Custom Homes, adding fifteen years of experience to the vast knowledge of the office. He is usually the first face you will see when your project is only an idea and will stay an active part of your job from start to finish. As our builder, Brent is in charge of laying out and analyzing every set of plans for renovations and new construction. He works directly with your architect and engineer to make sure everything is proper prior to work beginning, then monitors and guides the construction process to its completion. Plus, being married to our in-house Interior Designer means that no detail has a chance of escaping him!

Jennifer Lindley

Every good project starts with a good design! Jenny is the in-house certified Interior Designer at Village Restoration & Custom Homes. She provides an opportunity for clients to work with a professional interior designer who is trained and experienced in not only aesthetics and the flow of spaces, but also in the ability to move walls and supports to redefine your home. From design boards, to selections, to renderings and floorplans, Jenny has the creative vision to bring your ideas to life. Already have a designer or just want to tackle the design work on your own? No problem, you’ll still get a chance to work with Jenny since she also wears the hat of Office Coordinator to keep things running smoothly!

Sam Lisi, IV

This is the man in everyone’s phonebook. Sam Lisi, IV, is the General Manager of Village Restoration & Custom Homes. Behind the scenes, he handles all permitting and scheduling. Sam is key to navigating the various ordinances, inspections, and requirements that come up before, during, and afterremodeling and construction. Once your project is underway, Sam will guide you through the entire process including expectations, work flow, timelines, selections, and any questions you think of. If you’re in need of service work, Sam will be there to check out the problem and come up with a plan. You will see Sam frequently throughout your project, even after the final cleaning!

Chris Thomas

Chris brings more than forty years of construction experience to Village Restoration & Custom Homes. As a Project Manager, Chris is on-site every day to make sure work is moving along properly and on schedule. Chris will be your eyes and ears on the ground, making sure that everything is what you want, and troubleshooting when it isn’t. Chris is skilled at new construction and large renovations alike, and is available to answer questions and explain the process and workflow throughout the project.

Jim Richmond

Jim is a hands-on Project Manager and craftsman with more than forty years of experience. You will often see Jim on job sites working alongside the crews, doing part of the work himself and making sure everyone else’s quality matches his own. Jim is a problem-solver who will work with you to make the end result exactly what you are looking for, and he loves explaining the construction process so that you know exactly why and how things are happening.

Philip Janse

Phil comes to Village Restoration & Custom Homes after three decades operating his own custom construction and renovation company in Charleston. Phil stays in the middle of the action during construction and is not afraid to break out his own tools to keep everything moving forward. His extensive knowledge of building in the municipalities in and surrounding Charleston allows Phil to navigate inspections and construction processes with speed while, most importantly, getting it right the first time.

Sam Lisi, III

Sam Lisi, III, originally founded Village Restoration & Custom Homes. Sam has been a staple in the community for decades, having personally overseen work on hundreds of homes in the Mt. Pleasant area. His knowledge of work that has been done in homes throughout the area over the past fifty years, even work done through several different owners of the same home, provides valuable insight that simply can’t be offered anywhere else. While Sam has transitioned out of the contractor role, he is still very active in a consulting and estimating role at Village Restoration & Custom Homes.