Historic Renovation

Historic Renovations

Historic renovations differ from other types of remodeling and renovations. Historical renovation requires the ability to problem-solve and find solutions by thinking creatively and using your experience as a guide. We are one of the few construction companies in the Charleston area with the expertise to retrofit home systems to add modernity while preserving the charm and elegance that comes with a historic home. Our mission is to retain as much of the structure and as many fine details as possible while upgrading so you get a good balance between contemporary amenities and convenience with tradition.

Preserving Factor

Preserving the “Wow” Factor

One of the attractions of owning a historical home is respecting the craftsmanship of the generations that came before. Because we value both modern convenience and the art of traditional architecture, we work to meld the two perfectly to give you the best of both worlds. We understand retrofitting and finding solutions that work instead of ripping out and starting new. After all, what is the advantage of living in a historic home without the charm that older homes can offer?

Thinking Creatively to Find Innovative Solutions to Complex Construction Problems

Historical renovations come with a host of challenges that require a knowledge of older structures, as well as how to overcome complex building situations. As a construction company specializing in historic renovations, we understand that you never know what is lurking behind a wall until you open it up and take a look inside. Our experience allows us to anticipate those things that can - and usually do - go wrong. And because we’ve seen it all before, we can stay focused, on task, and on time. We don’t overpromise or underdeliver; we seek to exceed your expectations every time.

Innovative Solutions
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From Design to Finish

Historic renovations come with limitations of space and working with existing structures. One of the things that people love about Charleston is the old-world charm and architecture that we strive hard to preserve. That desire for conservation, however, can limit the options that homeowners have regarding which existing structures need to stay, which is why knowing how to take the work of carpenters from decades ago and mix in modern elements is so important. We are involved in our projects from the design phase through the final punch list, and every aspect along the way!

If you want to take the charm of an existing home and bring its amenities and conveniences to the 21st century, we are here to help. Contact us today and let us be your expert guide for all things historic!