About us

About Us

At Village Restoration & Custom Homes, we demand excellence in all that we do. Our mission is not to just meet our customers’ expectations; we strive to exceed them every time. Whether we are doing an interior remodel or giving your home an exterior facelift, we offer cost-conscious solutions that fit your budget and add value. We also provide industry options like energy-efficient products.

Creative Quality Dinning Area

Creative Thinking and Quality at Its Finest

We find cost-conscious and innovative solutions where others see roadblocks and hurdles. Our specialty is working with historical structures and existing builds and the complex issues they can present. We believe that history holds many treasures and do all that we can to preserve the integrity and elegance of your home while providing the most modern conveniences and amenities available. We aim to deliver the highest-quality craftsmanship and products in the industry and give you the most advanced options possible.

Communication is the Key

The key to customer satisfaction lies in communication. When remodeling or renovating a home, you never know what to expect until you open up the walls to learn what you are looking at. Our experience and training allow us to overcome the many challenges that can present themselves to stay both on budget and on schedule. If something does arise that needs to be addressed, we offer complete transparency and honesty in all that we do and will communicate with you directly so that there aren’t any unpleasant surprises along the way to completion.

Communication Key
Minimizing Our Presence

Minimizing Our Presence

As a team, we also understand that we are guests in your home and always try to protect your valuables and items and limit our disruption. When possible, we work around your daily routine to minimize our presence. Our mission is to make your home remodel or renovation go as smoothly and seamlessly as possible. And we go to great lengths to respect your privacy and the home that you so graciously put your faith in us to make your vision a reality.

In-House Real Estate Services

Although our main focus is construction, we have an in-house real estate license that allows us to work with clients from land purchase to renovation completion. Knowing building standards, rules, and requirements means we can give our clients a perspective where they know what is involved, any limitations, and the advantages of buying a particular home or property to suit their ultimate goals. Also, knowing both ends of the buying and renovating industry is where we believe we excel.

In-House Certified Interior Design Services

For clients who already know what they want, but need some suggestions about reworking the limitations of their remodel, historical renovation, or addition, we offer in-house certified interior design services. Our certified designer is expert at troubleshooting, being creative, and finding design solutions to suit your needs. As a client, you get the added-value of a designer on-staff to make minor tweaks so your project isn't put on halt.