Restoration, Renovation, and Remodeling: Understanding the Difference

September 22nd, 2022 villagerestoration

You’ve had some ideas for home improvement projects in the back of your mind for months, and now you are ready to get started. Great! Now, the question is how to communicate what you need. A renovation? Remodel? Restoration? Understanding what you need is the first step, so let’s help navigate the difference in terms!


As you may expect, a restoration restores a home to its former glory! If you have purchased a historic home, it is likely you want to keep the history and charm of it alive. We often see historic homes that have naturally weathered and need some TLC to bring them back to life. One example of restoration includes removing carpets and refinishing the hardwood floors underneath to return them to their original beauty. Restoration projects can require fewer materials but a greater attention to detail. Knowledge of the history and age of a home is important here, and this knowledge can help when trying to match styles, colors, and finishes to its original time period. Finding a contractor who is comfortable within the walls of your historic home is critical to a successful restoration project.


Maybe you have chosen to do a renovation, or perhaps your hand was forced by some sort of damage. Either way, renovations improve your home. When you think renovate, think “update.” Renovating is often replacing the old with the new. One example may be modernizing a bathroom’s pink tiled walls and linoleum flooring by replacing it with clean painted walls and more durable tiled floors. Renovations typically add value while making your house more personalized to you and how you need your home to function.


A remodeling project is typically on a greater scale than a renovation or restoration. A remodel can change your home entirely. Often the goal of a remodel is to correct a problem or make a space more usable. An example is building an addition onto the back of your home as your family has expanded. While a two-bedroom home may have been fine for just you and your spouse, you may now need more space. Remodels can involve changes to your home’s structure. Remodeling typically has the highest cost of the three options because it often involves the greatest amount of time and materials as well as complex design decisions.

One thing to note when you are considering improving your home is these categories do not have to be mutually exclusive. You may have a historic home that you would like to modernize. You can make your older home more energy efficient by replacing your windows and bringing your HVAC up to current standards. Or you may want to leave your original flooring and fireplace but bring in some newer elements. Your options are endless and the combination of new and old can be truly stunning. No matter what type of home improvements you are looking for, we can help! Give us a call today to get started!