What to Consider When Building a Bathroom

October 31st, 2022 villagerestoration
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When you start to consider making changes to your home, you are smart to consider where the best return on investment will occur. Bathrooms are a great place to begin, and a well-designed and thought-out bathroom can make your daily life easier!


Your bathroom should be a space conducive to relaxation. Do you love taking baths? A soaking tub should be a priority for you! Others may hate baths, but a large, luxurious shower is a must. Adequate storage is also important to incorporate into your design. A bathroom with a lot of clutter will likely not feel calm. Making sure you have a place to store everything is something to strategically consider.


The lights you choose around the vanity can work with other elements in your bathroom to give it a cohesive design. Your light selection can make your bathroom look very modern or very traditional. Another thing to consider is the use of dimmable lights to avoid bright or harsh lighting first thing in the morning or late at night. Placement of lighting is also important, as you won’t want shadows cast over your face at the bathroom mirror as you get ready for the day.


Surface selections in the bathroom deserve careful consideration as well. For example, the larger the tiles you use, the fewer grout lines you will have for easier upkeep. Make sure you are aware of the durability of your tile selection.

  • Porcelain tiles are water resistant, difficult to scratch and stain, and are long lasting.
  • Ceramic tiles, while less durable than porcelain, are often cost effective and easy to maintain.
  • Marble tiles are luxurious and timeless but need to be handled carefully and require more maintenance.


As you think about customizing your bathroom to your own needs and tastes, remember the vanity is likely to be one of the largest elements in the room. Pre-made vanities come in a variety of layouts and sizes. They can come finished with sinks and a countertop or provided without those items. You can select your own stone from a local granite yard, plumbing fixtures, and sinks to suit your own preferences. This can give you a very customized look without the price tag of a custom vanity.


Think about the way your tiles and stone will flow together. You will want your shower floor, bathroom floor, and shower wall tiles to create a cohesive look. Selections like towels and décor can give you a pop of color you don’t have to commit to long term and can be changed easily. Consider the height of the people using the space when deciding things like the height of your shower head, vanity lights, and shower bench. If you need your bathroom to be accessible for someone using a wheelchair, make sure spaces are wide, grab bars are installed in the shower, and your shower has a low-profile curb or no curb at all.

We would love to help you add value to your home, and hopefully a little relaxation to your daily life. Give us a call today to start building a beautiful bathroom!