At Village Restoration we realize that building a new home or remodeling an existing home is an experience made only once or twice in a lifetime.

Over three decades, we have developed a system that works. Based on open communications from the first meeting held to the last tile laid, the vision for what you want is clear and the product we deliver meets those specifications. We ask the tough questions early to clearly define “must haves” and “nice to haves,” ensuring both timeline and budget are under control, and the home you envision is the home we build.
For some clients, the idea for their home is as vivid as a photograph, having spent months (or years) collecting samples, pictures, and sketches for their dream home. For others, a terrific piece of land and a rough budget are all that exist to start the process. At whatever stage of the game we meet, our team has the suite of services that will transform your vision into a home you will love.

Village Restoration owner, Sam, will meet with you to discuss your project. During this initial consultation, Sam will gain a clear idea of your wants, needs, and plans. Feel free to share your “big picture” goals for your home as well as details including materials you’d like to include, architectural plans, drawings, photographs, or other pieces that will shape your dream home.
Based on your specifications, Sam will develop a budget and tentative timeline to share with you during a second meeting. Once you’re happy with the budget and projected scope, you and Sam will sign a contract to begin work.

Services Available and billed at an hourly basis

  • Completing a comprehensive cost analysis with or without options
  • Obtaining approval from an Architectural Review Board
  • Working with an architect to keep the design within budget
  • Shopping for building materials and finish items


The Village Restoration Experience 
While our first priority is to give you a home you will love and be proud of, we also believe that the “during” part of the process should be as exemplary as the “after.” While working on your project, we make it our mission to:

  • Meet with you regularly to ensure we are on track (both with budget and with time) and make adjustments as needed.
  • Keep the job site clean and organized.
  • Make as little impact on your living area as possible while completing your project.
  • Keep you up to speed on progress, even if you live out of the area.
  • Keep you engaged in the process and happy with every step through completion.

The time, effort and expertise that you have given us was wonderful.

- Catherine and Gordon